tailored to you

with wealth stratified as it is
i prefer a consultation
to set a price that feels fair
in respect to your resources,
how the project aligns with me,
and current demand/inflation etc.

* see FAQ for more details *



how is pricing determined

you :) the most efficient way to see if we could work together is to reflect on your income/assets/resources and consider what having me take these pictures is worth to you based on your means, and then send me your project details with the amount you're offering to pay

if the amount feels aligned and i am available we will move forward, otherwise i will do my best to explain why it doesn't work for me or what would need to change about the offer for it to be aligned

additionally, having a home of my own and land i can tend to is one of my deepest desires so if you are interested in compensating me with land or housing please clarify that in your inquiry

**please note I will never ask for your personal income or asset info - this is an honor system**

How long are sessions?

with the exception of wedding photography, I don't charge by time. I shoot as long as we need to tell the story (or until you're tired of taking pictures!) and then am done. I've had portrait shoots as short as 45 minutes and as long as three hours and the price is the same - the art is what I'm charging you for, not necessarily how long it takes to make it.

How many pictures will we receive?

depends on your session type and package - ask me during consultation and I will let you know the minimum number that I return for your specific session!